3D modeling

A 3D model is only as good as the person building it. At Avixi, we pride ourselves on not only delivering a quality model, but also vetting drawing accuracy and providing a list of missing/inaccurate information along with the modeling process. Avixi understands the value of quashing problems before construction begins.

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clash detection

The biggest benefit of BIM is to use the models or the purpose of doing trade clash detection. When the architectural, structural and MEP models are combined, software is used to identify all clashes. These clashes are resolved by meeting with the subcontractors on regular basis either with video conferencing or in person. Once model is clash free, this provides the subcontractors the confidence to prefabricate and know that their work will run as planned in the field.

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facility information management

The integration of the model and information into a facility portal is hot topic in the BIM industry. At Avixi, we have integrated model geometry and information to facility management portals for some of the large high tech companies in the bay area. By providing that easily accessible information, facility operation and maintenance teams are able to resolve building repairs and trouble tickets quicker and cheaper.

HTC Vive

virtual reality

We provide VR experience using  HTC Vive gear for 3D walk through and Google Daydream gear for 360 views of key spaces of your project.  This new technology to the construction industry provides a very efficient method for owners and architect to review the building volume, scale, way finding and material finishes at different stages of the design.

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For a project to get off the right foot and utilize the full value of BIM, standards and a BIM Execution Plan is necessary. Too often, when 3D is mandated in the project delivery without BIM standards, the tools are used for nothing more than a drafting exercise.

3D Site Logistics Plan

site logistics renders

Convey your site logistics plan including safety exit routing, excavation hauling route, temporary facilities and material staging clearly with 3D site logistics rendering.


digital mockups

Physical mock-ups are often needed to fully grasp the look and feel of a room. With the help of the building model and amenities, we achieve a more economical photo realistic digital mock-up. This not only provides cost savings but also the ability for the client to scrutinize and communicate his needs. Modifications to the digital mock-up can be easily made until a solution is found.

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construction simulation

For projects with complicated phasing and/or adjacent occupancy, a construction sequence simulation may uncover out-of-sequence activities. The animation identifies by color the existing components from the currently built and completed activities. This enables a scheduler to review and make modifications to the schedule if necessary.


Quantity Takeoff Icon

quantity takeoff

From the model, quantities (such as square feet area of wall or cy volume of concrete) can be extracted easily. More detailed quantities can be derived depending on model level of detail.