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We believe in the power of BIM technology to foster innovation within the AECO industry. Whether you are looking to get value from new augmented reality technology, improving your teams workflows or leveraging data from your model, our team is here to help.


Projects Built

Better with BIM



Virtual and Augmented reality has opened a world of possibilities for the construction industry. The visual immersive experience provides transparency for decision makers. Many of our clients are already benefiting from this technology by increasing the quality of the project design and design approval timeliness. The ability to access data about the building or provide training in these immersive technologies are endless.

BIM Standards 

Our consulting services provides assistance for the commercial construction industry in the process of transitioning to BIM Facilities Management. This includes RFQ, RFP, contract language assistance, development of owner requirements and templates, assisting in cross coordination between REVIT and FM programs data needs and as-built documentation deliverable.

We are giving back to our community by helping with the preservation of this incredible historical landmark part of the Henry Coe State Park.  Avixi is helping with digitizing with the as-built of the existing structures and volunteers at site events.

Digital Twin
Facility Management

We believe that the operation of an occupied building should never be without accurate as-builds, asset data, operation and maintenance documentation in place from day one. Our strength lies in this timely delivery.

3D Modeling

There are hundreds of tasks you can automate with scripting whether you want to reduce repetitive tasks, access your building data, explore multiple design options or test the performance of your design. Our team can help you enhance your teams’ workflows and enhance the decision process of your designs.

Automating Workflows
Project Management

Our dedicated team will provide assistance to your designers and contractors, helping them to set goals and workflows that enhances the results of BIM technology to its fullest. We can provide assistance in quality control of models whether it be via trade coordination or model integrity inside the authoring software.

Nonprofit Work



We feel it is our duty to help our clients deliver against what is practically feasible versus what the latest trends in BIM technology that is occasionally nothing but a rumor mill with no value.


Providing the best advice and helping to make the transition work to get the downstream benefits in Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance is our aim. We utilize technologies and specific processes to integrate what is essentially a database with 3D representation.


We are industry innovators delivering BIM quality on millions of square feet of commercial projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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