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It often takes a lot of time and effort to understand exactly what clients need and make sure that the outcome meets their expectations fully. The industry often suffers from work process stoppages and constant budget extensions due to blueprint inaccuracies or unforeseen problems. Avoiding rework in design flaws has been the biggest benefit to real estate owners using VR.


This tools is saving the project time and money by also providing enhanced collaboration. Teams that are time zones away can now talk in VR real time and walk through the building as they are taking notes and action items to further resolve issues.



Augmented reality is the enhancement of real-world environments by overlaying virtual data, images, etc. onto a physical space.


Imagine being able to walk onto a project site, hold up a smartphone, tablet or wear goggles with the camera facing the location of the proposed building and being able to see a full-scale model of the building well before any work begins. This visualization will allow architects to provide owners and contractors greater insight into the details and design of a project than other traditional methods.


The construction has started to embrace the use of the technology for Improving safety training but also for monitoring safety on the jobsite. It is less expensive and much safer to train heavy-equipment workers in virtual world than using real equipment.


These are just a few examples on how AR is being used. Contact us if you have a particular problem to solve using this technology.


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